Anyone can join the LegiON!

Legion members make a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families.

Join us and you can, too!

Please know that members of the Membership Committee are at the Branch every TUESDAY from NOON to 2 PM to address any issues.   In inclement weather, you may want to call the Branch first to ensure they are in.



Note to Current/Renewed/Reinstated Members:  If you are awaiting your 2024 sticker or new card, it may be waiting for you behind the bar. Please check with our Bar Steward.

Note to Members Paid to 2023 or Earlier:  Approximately 100 members have still not paid their dues for 2024. If you do not pay by the end of June, you run the risk of your 2025 sticker not arriving automatically at the end of August, along with the 600+ current members' stickers.  This necessitates our having to fill out a duplicate form and use Canada Post in order to ask Dominion Command to print your 2025 sticker. Please try to renew for 2024 ASAP.

Your Membership Committee thanks you !


Legion membership fees remain at $55.00 annually, January to June.  Members joining during July and August pay only $27.50 (half) and still get credit for that year of service.  Similarly, members joining September to December pay only $18.34 (a third) and still get credit for that year of service.

How easy is it to join or renew? Here are your options:

• Come to the Branch and ask for a Membership Application form.  Simply fill it out and hand it back with your dues.  To renew, you can pay your dues at the bar.  You can pay by cheque, cash or debit/credit.

• Go to and choose Renew Membership at the top of the page. Be sure to select Branch 05-060 BURLINGTON

• Mail your cheque to: RCL BRANCH 60, 828 Legion Rd., BURLINGTON, ON L7S 1T5

• Drop your cheque into our mailbox on the outside of the building (mail monitored daily).

Email queries to: or call (905) 639-6060.

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